Welding solutions from AEO


Our in-house welding facilities, some of which are automated, give greater control and tracking of finished articles to enable on-time deliveries to our customers.  Our workshop is equipped with fully automated MIG, Robot MIG and TIG, Projection, Spot and Rotary welding systems, providing a flexible range of assembly options.

Nut Verification Systems (NVS) are installed on all resistance welders to ensure:

  • Up to 30 nuts per minute
  • Single or dual feeding
  • Prevents welding the incorrect nut and welding upside down nuts.
  • Detects missing nuts/workpiece
  • Detects double workpiece under nut

Each welder is also equipped with:

  • Computer controlled quality system, recording every weld
  • Digitally controlled pressure regulation

We are currently investigating a PQS system for each welder.  This will give instant reduction in material and labour costs, as in process inspection intervals can be significantly reduced; cost effective quality and process management, availability of all key process and QA data for quick response in the event of an error.

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